Firming Serum


The NEW Firming Serum is a highly effective formulation containing certified cannabidiol (CBD) extract which has been found to have a revitalising effect on the skin. The addition of plant protein peptides provides a firming and toning effect.


This NEW Firming Serum incorporates internationally acclaimed advanced active ingredients and forms part of the new Cosmeceutic Range. The highly effective formulation contains certified cannabidiol (CBD) extract which has been found to have a beneficial effect on devitalised skin and helps restore skin health. The addition of natural plant-based amino acids, which are peptide components, offers a plumping and lifting effect with long-term toning benefits. The effectiveness of this formulation is enhanced by the addition of green tea and chamomile extracts which offer anti-oxidant benefits and help soothe sensitivity.

This formulation consists of a hypo-allergenic base with highly therapeutic ingredients and should ideally be used in conjunction with the items in the Complementary Range. Ideal for normal to dry skin as well as very dry and mature complexions in need of a vitality boost. The Firming Serum is highly suited for use on sensitive complexions and may be introduced into the skin care routine after sensitivity and hydration levels have normalised with the use of the Complementary Range. This product contains 0% THC.


The Firming Serum may be incorporated into the morning and/or evening routine. Apply 3-6 drops of serum to cleansed and toned skin. Allow to dry slightly before applying the Moisturising Cream or Recovery Cream.