Moisturising Cream


The Moisturising Cream has a light texture and is ideal for young, combination skin types prone to dehydration and sensitivity. This formulation is highly recommended for use during Roaccutane treatment. It is also particularly effective as an aftershave balm to help soothe shaving rash.

Contains: Cotton Thistle and Aloe Vera


This light-textured moisturiser is ideal for normal / combination skin types. It is formulated with extracts of cotton thistle and aloe vera to help soothe skin and increase hydration without an oily trace.

The Moisturising Cream is perfectly suited for teenagers’ skins and is highly recommended for use during Roaccutane treatment. The formulation is also popular with men as an after-shave balm to help soothe sensitivity associated with shaving and keep skin moisturised.


Apply as a day and/or night cream. For an intense moisture boost as well as an ultra-light day-time application, blend with equal parts of Hydrating Gel before application. This will drastically increase hydration without an oily trace.