Vitamin Complex


The NEW Vitamin Complex is a light-textured formulation incorporating advanced nutriceuticals, including Vitamin C and E as well as ubiquinone, which offer anti-oxidant benefits for sensitive complexions and promote optimal skin health.


This NEW Vitamin Complex is formulated with hemi-squalane, a plant-based lipid that mimics the skin’s natural oils, which forms the basis of this hypo-allergenic complex while Vitamin C and E as well as ubiquinone have been added to the formulation for their outstanding anti-free-radical benefits.

The super-light texture of this Vitamin Complex makes it the ideal skin conditioner for all skin types, including oily complexions prone to dehydration.

This versatile product also performs well as a pre-cleanse to remove makeup and daily pollutants while it is also perfectly suited for use as a pre-shave by applying the complex to the skin before application of the shaving foam.


This product may be applied over the Moisturising Cream of Recovery Cream to seal in the moisturiser or blended with the moisturiser before application for long-lasting suppleness. If the skin is extremely dry, apply the Resurfacing Balm over the moisturiser during daytime and apply the Vitamin Complex over the moisturiser during nighttime. This versatile product may also be used as a pre-cleanse to remove makeup and daily pollutants. Massage a few drops into the skin and follow with an application of the Emollient Gel Wash. It is also perfectly suited for use as a pre-shave by applying the complex to the skin before application of the shaving foam.